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"These are my friends in Norway!

I played the saxophone with them in Norway and I made friends with them thru Jazz. We went to Japanese Sushi restaurant, Opera house and so on. I had a lot of fun.

They are having concerts now and I saw picture of them.(Tora took) so I wanna meet them and I miss their music. I take great pride in playing with them indeed. Thank you for your compliment. I can't wait to meet them!"

-Momoka Kaneko, Yokohama

Program 2018

Torsdag 9. august
18:00ÅpningskonsertBarnas Jazzhus
Fredag 10. august
18:00Jazz på kantenBarnas Jazzhus
Lørdag 11. august
16:15Pop-up konsertTjuvholmeni samarbeid med
19:00HovedkonsertNasjonal Jazzscene
Søndag 12. august
14:00Barn + kunst er BarnekunstDet Internasjonale Barnekunstmuséet
17:15KiJ tjuvstarter Oslo JazzfestivalOperaen (foajéen)i samarbeid med
Oslo Jazzfestival
19:00KiJ gjør HærverkKafé Hærverk
Mandag 13. august
Jazz til folketHemmelig
19:00KiJ sprenger bankenSentralen (Hvelvet)
Tirsdag 14. august
13.00FlyjazzOslo Lufthavn Gardermoeni samarbeid med
Oslo Jazzfestival
18:00AvslutningskonsertSentralen (Forstanderskapsalen)



Kids in Jazz