Kids in Jazz
Barnas Jazzhus


"These are my friends in Norway!

I played the saxophone with them in Norway and I made friends with them thru Jazz. We went to Japanese Sushi restaurant, Opera house and so on. I had a lot of fun.

They are having concerts now and I saw picture of them.(Tora took) so I wanna meet them and I miss their music. I take great pride in playing with them indeed. Thank you for your compliment. I can't wait to meet them!"

-Momoka Kaneko, Yokohama

Om oss

Kids in Jazz er en internasjonal minifestival for de yngste jazztalentene. Festivalen ble etablert i 2012, gjennom et samarbeid mellom Improbasen, Sapporo Junior Jazzschool, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo Jazzfestival, og Barnas Jazzhus. Festivalen er støttet av Norsk Kulturråd.



Kids in Jazz