Kids in Jazz
Barnas Jazzhus


"These are my friends in Norway!

I played the saxophone with them in Norway and I made friends with them thru Jazz. We went to Japanese Sushi restaurant, Opera house and so on. I had a lot of fun.

They are having concerts now and I saw picture of them.(Tora took) so I wanna meet them and I miss their music. I take great pride in playing with them indeed. Thank you for your compliment. I can't wait to meet them!"

-Momoka Kaneko, Yokohama

Chun Aalund Møll til Kids in Jazz 2019

Det er bekreftet at den danske gitaristen Chun Aalund Møll kommer til årets festival. Chun deltok på Improbasen's svært vellykkede turné i Japan i september/oktober 2018. Nå gjenforenes gruppen på Kids in Jazz!



Kids in Jazz